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Heart of England Tour 2016-17

READING  •  BANBURY  •  Oxford

Are you a creative person who wants to develop your skills and confidence? Do you want to be more enterprising and employable? If so, Gig-Arts is for you!

You'll be working in teams, negotiating, planning, decision making, improvising and creative risk-taking – and you're going to have a lot of fun doing it! If you're a musician, bring an instrument, everyone bring your creativity and an idea of how your creativity can help the community.

 It’s a fantastic chance to be socially enterprising and make things happen in your community. 


You will experience a dynamic morning of creativity workshops with dazzling big screen graphics. In the afternoon you will perform an improvised show live on stage, for specially invited community guests. You will also create beautiful artworks to display in the local community.

This a FREE EVENT but places are limited.

Banbury Gig-Arts Programme


Welcome and Warm Up

The Adventures of an Artistic Entrepreneur by Abbie Cooke

10.30 to 11.30am
The Award-Winning Gig-Arts Gameshow

11.30 to 12 Noon
Creating Artworks to give to the Community

12.00 to 12.30pm
Packed Lunches (bring your own)



12.30 to 2pm
Get Ready for the Show

The audience arrtives

2 to 2.30pm
The Gig-Arts Show!

2.30 to 3pm
The Giving Ceremony

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