Facing up to fears and gaining self-belief is achieved through creating an original performance which is acted out in front of a live audience.


In the afternoon, students will work in groups to produce an impromptu, improvised live performance at the end of the day. Emphasis is placed on the development of the skills necessary to produce such a performance (team player skills, time management skills, communication skills etc). This is also an opportunity for the students to develop their confidence in working in a group and performing on stage. 

The performance will be a live performance with invited guests from the community.


What happens on the day?

Students are asked to bring their own musical instruments. On the day, they will be put into four teams which are a mix of musicians, singers, journalism and media students. OurTeam Helpers will accompany the four student teams throughout the day and will share in the students' live stage performance.

Outline Programme

9.30am Registration and coffee

Adventures of an Artistic Entrepreneur by Abbie Cooke
Award-winning Gig-Arts Game Show - teams take 3 challenges
Making creative gifts for the community

12.30pm Lunch 

Gig rehearsals 
Sound and lighting checks with the theatre technician
The Audience arrives

3.00pm Live Gig on stage

3.30pm Certificates are awarded and feedback given


What Gig-Arts participants say

Absolutely class experience, fantastic people, thrilled with the opportunity, a sheer gem! 


It gave me the opportunity to collaborate with people I wouldn't normally meet, like artists and designers. I liked the way our ideas came together as a performance. It taught us how to work together really quickly and work under pressure." 


Exciting! Loved it! Gig-Arts is a great opportunity to come together in teamwork. I've now got more confidence from working with new people. I totally recommend the whole thing to everyone and anyone. 


Gig-Arts is inspirational! It just makes you think, yes! I found Abbie's story fascinating! I was like "Wow!" I could have listened all day! It was also really interesting spending the day with volunteers from BSkyB. A fantastic day for anyone in the Arts. I really recommend it."