Being a participant of Gig-Arts gives young people employability skills. Social enterprise is championed and encouraged. 

What is the purpose of a Gig-Arts Event?


Events are aimed at undergraduate students studying Music and Journalism, Media & Cultural studies.

There are three components to the event: Gain, Gig and Give.

There is a one-day creative workshop programme (Gain & Gig) and then a volunteering element for the students to complete in their own time (Give). 

During the programme, in the morning, students will attend a series of enterprise workshops. These will help them to think about issues to do with marketing, branding, working with the media, negotiating and planning. It will encourage them to identify what skills they have developed from their degree programme and to think about their employability, and will introduce them to the business context in which they may be hoping to find work after their time at University. 


What skills and attributes will the students gain and develop by taking part in this activity?

Participants will gain and develop the following evidenced skills:

         Communication and networking skills
Team working skills
Business awareness skills
Performance skills
Time management skills
Confidence through public speaking skills
Community awareness and volunteering experience
Experience of engagement with and transfer of knowledge